Our dedicated team of clinicians engage families with children living on the spectrum to simply the complexities of care and personalize the care experience.

Care Coordination

The complexities of ASD services drive the need for intensive care coordination services. Each ASD case requires the involvement of multiple providers who make frequent, complicated decisions and intervention selections. Parents require extensive support to connect with the right resources and providers.

The SCC care coordination model provides both case management and care coordination services. Progress to shared goals across the multiple disciplines is tracked to avoid the costs associated with fragmented care that typically characterizes ASD service delivery. SCC uses a primary care coordinator model to assure a strong connection with the parent/guardian or caregiver is established. Parent participation in care is encouraged to assure improved outcomes for the child.

Network Development & Management

To assure the delivery of evidence-based approaches the development of an ASD specialized network is required. Qualified providers are often limited and extended networks need consideration. Comprehensive assessment of provider qualifications, services, capabilities, and capacity is conducted through in-person interviews. Preferred provider identification and education and engagement of providers is also provided.

Utilization Management & Review

The specialized Utilization criteria developed by SCC assures cost-effective service delivery. The SCC model builds communication between the care coordinator and the provider to improve the understanding of treatment goals and progress to achievement. The SCC team works to support the complicated decision-making and intervention selection involved in achieving the best possible outcomes.
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