Parents struggling to care for their children experience high rates of anxiety/depression.
They miss an average of 5 hours of work per week – up to 250 hours per year.
What’s more 46% of ASD parents suffer emotional and physical stress.
40% report needing help balancing work and family responsibilities.
We can help.


Our Seven-Point Program:

Guides and supports ASD families

Advocates for families with health plans

Helps parents create a care team committed to achieving outstanding results for every child

  1. We provide personal care coordinators to manage and customize all aspects of care.
  2. We navigate the healthcare system, advocating for appropriate use of benefits and access to high-value care.
  3. We create connections to a network of high-quality treatment providers.
  4. We develop a strong back-up network for practical, daily support.
  5. We troubleshoot daily care issues.
  6. We schedule appointments.
  7. We connect to emotional support resources as well as the ASD parent community online.

The result?

Employees save time and money and experience much less stress

Families with Autism Spectrum Disorder deserve better care, a better life, and a chance to be better employees.

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