The research literature on CET dates to the 1990’s.   

CET focuses on improving brain functions when someone has a brain –based injury or disorder.  

We typically do not think of people with traumatic brain injuries, schizophrenia, alcohol related cognitive decline, or autism as having much in common. But, each impact multiple brain functions like thinking speed, emotion recognition, memory and problem solving.  These brain disorders impact someone’s ability to be successful in school, work and socially. CET individually or in group has shown significant improvement in these areas. 

Here is a partial list of research into CET outcomes.  

Therapy Intervention for Faster Thinking Skills in Autism 

Games and Group Therapy Helps People Find Jobs 

CET for Adults with Autism 2018 Outcomes 

CET Impact on Employment Outcomes in Early Schizophrenia 

IQ Improvement with Middle-Schoolers  

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