Our training is based on a well-researched program called Cognitive Enhancement Training or CET for short.



  • Attention
  • Executive function – planning skills
  • Brain Speed
  • Memory
  • Visuospatial Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication

You will improve your daily functioning and your ability to participate in activities you care about. Side by side we will work on how to find a cognitive strategy that works for you. And, through practice, that strategy will become second nature.
CET is computer-based. We do it individually and in small groups.

In our small groups, we also practice interpersonal skills and emotion recognition which are often areas also impacted by brain disorders.

CET has been designed specifically for use in recovery from ADHD, psychosis, autism, brain injury, stroke. What links these disorders is that they all result in difficulties the basic brain functions required for living.

CET has also been used with school children to improve IQ scores.

To learn more about the evidence for this approach, click here.
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