Making waves with all types of unique brains

Our innovative brain training & family support programs, move you from struggling to thriving.

We teach skills and practice them together.

You will learn how to transfer the skills into the world you live in.

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Hi! We’re Andrea and Laura

As parents and clinicians, we know it is hard to have a unique brain in a typical world. We know you need different navigational tools in these turbulent waters.

So, we designed a program based on well-researched therapies for all ages that will strengthen core brain functions - attention, memory, processing speed and problem-solving. When these core brain functions are stronger, our ability to function at home, or school and socially improves too.

Academic and emotional learning go hand in hand. A calm and balanced family allows for optimal growth.

  • Learn to stop the battles
  • Balance your family life
  • Put the joy back into parenting

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It's Easy As...

  • “Your professional guidance and caring presence have been vitally important to my son’s ability to get back on track and to develop positive habits. We are indebted.” – Amanda
  • “I am now the mother I always wanted to be because of the skills I learned from your program.”- Jen
  • “Thanks to your warmth, honesty, and support I am finally in school and enjoying parenting” - Tiffany
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