For Families

Guiding, Educating and Supporting Special Needs Families

Families living with autism are often families out of balance. The needs of the child with autism often overshadow the needs of others in the family. Parents are depleted, and siblings are frustrated. Family time – meals, outings, vacations- are often difficult at best.

Our goal is to restore balance, connection and stability in your family.

We know that parenting a special needs child is a job in and of itself. It is also a job without a roadmap. As experts in autism services and professional parent coaches, we can help shoulder some of this burden.

In our work with families we focus on the strengths they bring. We help families rewrite their narrative.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We will create a roadmap together as a guide to wellness and family balance.
  • We focus on all members of the family addressing their individual concerns and needs.
  • We will connect you with our preferred network of professional partners (education, additional therapy services, residential programs) who specialize in special needs children.
  • We will provide ongoing education and parenting support, helping you weather the tough days and recognizing the days that bring joy.