who we are

Spectrum Coordinated Care is an innovative organization specializing in the care management of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for health plans, employers and families.There has been a dramatic increase in diagnosis of ASD in the past decade. A neurodevelopmental disorder, ASD is characterized by deficits in social interactions and social communication and by restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior. Current data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that ASD occurs ion 1 in every 59 births. Today, there is no cure for ASD and the causes are still not fully understood by the medical research community.

Spectrum Coordinated Care was founded by committed professionals who are making a difference in the lives of families living with ASD. SCC is dedicated to guiding families with ASD to find the right care, the right support and the best possible outcomes.

Spectrum Coordinated Care’s vision is for every family to have a personal, coordinated care team committed to achieving outstanding results for every child.

ASD brings daily challenges to families, the health plans of which they are members and the employers of employees with special needs children. The solutions to these challenges are found in an extensive network of quality providers to address the unique needs of each child; employers who understand the pathway to supporting their employees to allow them to excel as employees while meeting their family’s needs and families who bring focus to their belief that they can lead balanced, happy lives while embracing their challenges.

Spectrum Coordinated Care is here to help.